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  1. - The 'shortcut' commands use `handlerFromSubcmd(...).dispatch`. That
  2. doesn't run the subcmd class's `.init()` method. node-cmdln should provide
  3. a way to do this. ... basically want to call the *main()* but with preparsed
  4. options. Perhaps the init/fini should move into dispatch?
  5. triton create affinity support for tag matching, globs, regex
  6. note in README that full UUIDs is much faster in the API
  7. *type*: cloudapi changes to clarify: LX, docker, smartos, kvm instances
  8. # maybe next
  9. PUBAPI-1117 triton create -c|--count N
  10. Rate limiting. Testing with non-op accounts. I suspect PUBAPI-1117 and other
  11. usage will lead to rate limiting errors from cloudapi. `triton` should
  12. (a) retry reasonably on those error codes and (b) proactively control rate
  13. of cloudapi requests (tunable).
  14. triton images
  15. Drop 'state' in default columns. Add type to be able to see lx or not
  16. for 'linux' ones. That might hit that stupid naming problem.
  17. # another day
  18. triton config get|set|list # see 'npm config'
  19. triton --shell # or whatever, repl
  20. $ triton shell
  21. $profile> cd inst
  22. $profile inst> ls
  23. ...
  24. $profile inst> cd vm0
  25. $profile inst/vm0> get
  26. ...
  27. $profile inst/vm0> cd snapshot
  28. $profile inst/vm0/snapshot> ls
  29. ...
  30. extensible triton commands:
  31. ~/.triton/plugins.d/$plugin.json
  32. Would be nice to not have to read/parse all these files for every run,
  33. i.e. lazily. Is that a problem for `triton` showing commands list?
  34. How do plugins in other node projects work? Is there an npm special thing
  35. that would work?
  36. Should plugins just be commands? Perhaps for starters, but don't hardcode
  37. that.
  38. $ cat build.json
  39. {
  40. "cmd": "build",
  41. "desc": "Build a Triton image from a Tritonfile"
  42. "require": "triton-plugin-build"
  43. }