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The node-triton test suite.

There are two sets of tests here: unit tests which can be run in your local clone (see “test/unit/”) and integration tests which are run against a cloudapi.

WARNING: While this test suite should strive to not be destructive to existing data in the used account, one should take pause before blindly running it with one’s cloudapi creds.


Unit tests should be run before commits:

make test

Or you can run a specific test file via:

cd test
./runtest unit/foo.test.js

Integration tests: XXX how to run?

Development Guidelines

  • We are using tape.

  • Use “test/lib/*.js” and “test/{unit,integration}/helpers.js” to help make “.test.js” code more expressive:

  • Unit tests (i.e. not requiring the cloudapi endpoint) in “unit/*.test.js”. Integration tests “integration/*.test.js”.