Check_mk check for individual exchange mailbox sizes.
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Check_mk check for individual exchange mailbox sizes.

title: Check for users Exchange Mailbox size agents: windows catalog: os/windows license: GPL distribution: description: This check checks for individual exchange mailbox sizes. You need to install the plugin {SPH-Exchange-MailboxSize.ps1} into the {plugins} directory of your windows agent. This check was tested with Exchange 2010 and must have PowerShell installed.

The check gets critical if there mailbox is over 2000 MB and warning if over 1500MB. Both are definable in Wato under "Parameters for Inventorized Checks", "Applications, Processes & Services".

inventory: One service will be created for each user mailbox where the {SPH-Exchange-MailboxSize.ps1} plugin produces a non-empty output.

perfdata: One variable: {size}: the current size of the mailbox in MB.

The agent uses a caching mechanism and runs once only every 24 hours.

#----------------- #Quick HOWTO #----------------- INSTALL PACKAGE On your OMD/Check_mk server run the following:

cmk -P install exchange_user_mbx_size-1.0.mkp

The agent will be in ~/local/share/check_mk/agents/plugins/SPH-Exchange-MailboxSize.ps1

COPY AGENT TO DESTINATION Copy the agent part (SPH-Exchange-MailboxSize.ps1) to your MS Exchange server. This is usually in C:\Program Files\check_mk\plugins