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Monitor per user RDS licenses usage.

The check for rds licenses usage is based on folowing plugins: - rds_licenses_2008.ps1 - rds_licenses_2012.ps1 - elevate_shell.ps1 If the Windows Server is 64 bit version the agent for x64 must be installed.

Install procedure: On Windows 2008 Server: copy the rds_licenses_2008.ps1 file in plugins directory of check_mk agent folder. On Windows 2012 Server: copy the elevate_shell.ps1 into plugins directory of check_mk agent folder and the rds_licenses_2012.ps1 into check_mk agent folder. The elevate_shell.ps1 will elevate de privileges for running rds_licences_2012.ps1 and the user which run check_mk agent must have the rights to "run as administrator".